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X.1 Smart Tower Fan

(Coming Soon)

Control your TV, DVD/TV Boxes, Air Conditioners

And Your Rooms' Temperature and Humidity

Our Products - X1 Fan (Available Soon)

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Smart Tower Fan

The AIRXED newly designed X.1 Smart Tower Fan and mobile apps in Android and iOS will provide simple to use and energy saving features. It will also support our Smart IR Hub as a detachable unit. Energy Saving profile, temperature and humidity sensor, controls the TV, Fan and A/C 

Patented and award winning design and supports Google Home and Alexa voice assistant services.

Equipped with Smart Home IR Hub

AIRXED X.1 has equipped with a Smart Home IoT Hub based on IR Fabric licensed from its parent company Remotec Technology Limited to provide smart home controls to over 90%of different brands of air conditioners, TVs, STB, fans and other IR based consumer devices. The Smart Home IR Hub roadmap will also support Google Home and Amazon Alexa and other AI speaker voice assistants in future


Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensor

AIRXED X.1 offers automatic indoor climate control based on built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

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Control with Smart Profile

AIRXED X.1 can be controlled with customized smart profiles to fit users’ needs.

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