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Our goals: Sustainable Use of Air Conditioning

Since 2015, we have first spoken at the Creative Morning's breakfast talk about the need of Sustainable Use Of Air Conditioning, we have observed how the industry have evolved. First there are a clear understanding from utility company such as Chubu Electric, China Light and Power and the like to think about demand side management. The FREE ELECTRONS programme from a group of utility companies had been successful in cultivating a business culture to embrace startup companies like HK-based Ambi Climate to be involved. I think the future is bright as more companies including Remotec and our new brand AIRXED to become relevant in this nascent industry of IoT, Big Data and AI to curtail the use and abuse of air conditioning use.

We have also spoken at various conference and open innovation competition. Here is a video of our founder's Daniel Chun's pitch at Slingshot 2019 at Startup SG below.

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