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How a smart tower fan could help families to save energy use

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We believe in product innovations and we equally believe in a big enough market size. We believe the air circulation fan market is big enough for us to enter into and create a totally new market for ourselves with our own new product innovations. Our X.1 fan is developed based on this premise of controlling the air condtioners with our patented technology.

I was speaking on May 24th during the 2019 Bluetooth Asia Conference, which was held in Shenzhen Convention Centre, to an audience of developers, chipset manufacturers and IoT ecosystem players (e.g. Tuya, Xiaomi) about the importance of standardizing the universal infrared code protocol and integrating Infrared functions to Bluetooth-enabled IoT Smart Home devices. One of the challenges is the huge number of devices and last mile connectivity issue with Infrared controls.

Fact check

"There are over 3000 brands of Televisions and over 600 brands of Air conditioners and they all uses different infrared protocols and infrared codes, the challenges for IoT companies is to be able to connect to these legacy IR equipment."

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