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Saves energy by controlling this A/C
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This X.1 fan controls this A/C, TV, Fans with
a Smart Home IR Hub

We develop the next generation smart air circulation fan which dubs as an IoT Home Hub to provide simple to use indoor air climate control to achieve energy saving. Our new X.1 fan can controlled the air conditioners already installed at your home. Airxed Technology Limited is a Hong Kong startup and a sister company of Remotec Technology Ltd (a 28-year-old company in remote controllers, smart home and IoT solutions. Visit for more details).

Multi-features Smart Tower Fan

Mobile App Control

Controls Indoor Air Condtioners

Energy Saving Profile

Smart Home Control

Direct Service & Delivery

Available in Oct 2019

Awards received 

Awards received 

Recent Events

HKIE (END) IoT Award 2019

IPHatchDay HK Award 2019

Bluetooth Asia Conference 2019

Patents  Licensed / Awarded 

Licensed through Remotec Technology Limited

US Patent  9,892,634 B2

US Patent 10,101,771 B2

European EP3249624 (A1)

China Patent Application - CN 201710651967X


Assigned by Piece Future Pte Ltd for Panasonic Intellectual Property Limited

US Patent 9,385,500
China Patent ZL201480022685.8

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